EndyMed 3DEEP RF

To keep you looking and feeling your best, Perth Skin & Laser continuously strives to acquire new machines and technologies to provide you with inner happiness and outer radiance. With that in mind, we’re happy to introduce to you our latest technology, the 3DEEP RF by EndyMed.

This is the most effective skin tightening and body contouring Radio Frequency (RF) technology available today, ideal for reducing wrinkles, tightening skin and shaping face and neck areas. The 3DEEP RP also helps improve skin texture, firm up lax skin, improve acne scars. Perth Skin & Laser accomplishes this with a number of different treatment handpieces, each designed for different parts of the body to administer a painless treatment with minimal recovery time.

How does it work?

The 3DEEP RF offers a safe, energy-based system that combines depth controlled epidermal fractional ablation with simultaneous delivery of heat, deep into the dermis. This safely raises the temperature of the collagen deep in the skin causing it to contract, leading to immediate and impressive change in skin appearance. The treatment also triggers new collagen production, resulting in tighter, younger looking skin.

What treatments do you offer?

Body Contouring
Improve skin laxity by employing non-invasive, energy-based technology to produce more collagen to tighten the skin on your thighs, legs and abdomen.

Skin Tightening
Our skin tightening treatment is specifically designed to help with areas including face, neck, cheeks and jawlines.

Fractional Skin Resurfacing (FSR)
Perfect for treating sun-damaged skin, the FSR treatment reduces hyperpigmentation and improves skin texture to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and acne scars.

This treatment uses Gold-Plated Microneedles to provide the most effective dermal skin remodeling which revives and rejuvenates natural production of new collagen and elastin. This triggers the skin’s natural healing process for tighter skin while reducing the appearance of wrinkles and scars.

The EndyMed Pro RF treatment offers an all-in-one inclusive package. From wrinkle and scar reduction to body tightening, contouring and Microneedle treatment, pamper yourself and receive impressive results with minimal discomfort.

The five handpieces used in our treatments include:

  • 3DEEP Large – designed for treating skin laxity, body shaping and circumference reduction
  • 3DEEP Small – designed for treating smaller body areas like neck, arms and knees
  • 3DEEP iFine – designed for treating delicate skin tissue around the eyes and mouth
  • 3DEEP Intensif – designed for treating acne scars, deep wrinkles, stretch marks and more
  • 3DEEP FSR – designed for fractional skin resurfacing and treatment of skin roughness, wrinkles, scars, and more

Which areas can be treated with 3DEEP RF treatments?

3DEEP RP helps tighten lax skin and cellulite as well as reduce acne scar. This technology works best on the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, neck and face.

How many treatments are required to see results?

It usually takes six treatments at one- or two-week intervals for maximum results, except for the FRS and Intensif treatments, which require an average of three treatments with four weeks interval for maximum results. However, you should start seeing improvement in your skin after the second treatment. As new, healthier collagen is formed, improvements continue even after the course of treatment is completed. Results are long lasting, but depend on factors such as caloric intake, exercise and lifestyle habits.

What’s the recovery time?

While you may notice slight redness around the treatment area, it will usually disappear in a couple of hours and you can resume your normal activities right after the treatment.