Wrinkle Relaxants

Wrinkle relaxer injections are now the gold standard for treating dynamic wrinkles – wrinkles that are caused by muscular contraction. The treatment has a muscle relaxant effect on the muscles that have caused the wrinkle – the result being a softening or removal of the wrinkle.

Common areas treated are frown lines, horizontal forehead lines and crow’s feet, but other more advanced indications are treating a gummy smile, lifting downturned mouth angles, vertical creases around the mouth, platysmal bands and jowl treatment.

Perth Skin & Laser’s wrinkle relaxant treatment uses botulinum toxin, a potent, prescription medication which is safe when in the hands of experienced medical practitioners or registered nurses who are being supervised by a medical practitioner. Our staff are fully trained and have the expertise and knowledge to deal with complications in the unlikely event that they arise.

Is it time to recapture your youth and make sure that the way you feel and the way you look are more in line with one another? Talk to us about our wrinkle relaxant treatment today.