Lasers, IPL and Radio Frequency

At Perth Skin & Laser we use both laser technology, radio frequency and IPL to meet our clients’ needs. However, there are vast differences between these methods and here we take a closer look.

There are numerous clinics offering laser treatments in Perth, but often these procedures turn out to be either IPL, radio frequency or weak desktop laser treatments. We only use Class 4 medical grade lasers by industry leading manufacturers. Only qualified medical practitioners, such as ourselves, are legally permitted to use medical lasers in Western Australia.

Laser light is monochromatic, i.e. it is only one colour, and therefore it is only one wavelength. This means that laser light is excellent at targeting certain structures in the skin without damaging surrounding structures. Different wavelengths are used for different purposes.

We find ourselves using lasers for most treatments as they are safe, effective and give fantastic results with minimal downtime. Having said that, IPL and radio frequency certainly have their place for dealing with certain conditions and skin types. We combine radio frequency with IPL as we find this treatment more effective than either of these on their own – this is known as ELOS technology. We also combine IPL and laser treatments for conditions such as pigmented lesions.

For full resurfacing and fractional ablative treatments we use an Erbium:Yag laser which is the gold standard for these types of treatments and is far superior to radio frequency, desktop lasers or IPL. Our Erbium: Yag can be adjusted to do anything from micro-peels to deep peels with pinpoint accuracy. CO2 ablative lasers do give good results but they result in a lot more downtime and have more side effects.

For targeting deeper tissues without harming the superficial skin, we use a Nd:Yag laser which is wonderful for fractional and non-ablative skin rejuvenation, hair removal, vascular lesions, acne, skin tightening and numerous other conditions.

For tattoo and pigment removal we use a very powerful Q switched Nd YAg laser that shatters pigment. This laser has multiple wave-lengths and therefore we are able to deal with a broad range of tattoo colors.

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