Lasers and Skin Cancer

Pre- cancerous lesions and some skin cancers are easily treated with laser and light treatments.

At Perth Skin and Laser we have experienced Skin Cancer Doctors and Laser experts that can Diagnose and treat your skin cancers safely and effectively using different lasers. Our Erbium laser is an effective, ablative laser for treatment of solar keratoses and superficial skin cancers( superficial BCCs and IEC) of lips, face and other areas of the body.

We also offer PDT(Photo -dynamic therapy) for field treatment of sun damage and solar keratoses.

The added benefit of these treatments is that the treated area will be tighter smoother and have better tone, so effectively a rejuvenation treatment at the same time!

We also use lasers for treatment of scars following surgery for skin cancers.

What we cannot treat with lasers:

Invasive BCCs
Merckel Cell Carcinoma

What we can treat with laser;

  • Superficial SCCs (Bowens disease), Superficial basal cell cancers, actinic chelitis, or leukoplakia
  • Sunspots or solar keratoses
  • Sun-damage on the lips

Advantages of laser treatment:

Lasers are very precise and accurate and cause less damage to surrounding tissue than Surgery.
As mentioned earlier , there is also the added advantage of skin rejuvenation in the treated area.

Cost of treatment;

Cost of treatment depends on size, type and location of lesion. There are Medicare rebates for a number of treatments.