Skin and Mole Checks

In a climate that is frequently as warm and sunny as Western Australia’s it is vital that you remain vigilant and are aware of any new moles or changes to existing ones.

At Perth Skin & Laser we have a team of highly trained skin cancer physicians in our clinic and they use the latest digital dermoscopic technology to examine suspicious skin lesions.

We also offer cosmetic surgical excision of skin lesions as well as other non-surgical treatments for different types of skin cancers. This is very important in the medical cosmetic industry as skin cancers need to be diagnosed and removed before you undertake any cosmetic treatments to prevent serious consequences at a later stage.

If you have even the slightest doubt or concern about a mole or lesion anywhere on your body, don’t delay – contact us immediately. It goes without saying that the sooner a potentially cancerous mole is identified and dealt with, the better.